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Join a SoTL Project

Are you interested in joining a research project in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning? This page includes a list of SoTL projects where I am looking for interested partners, whether as active research collaborators or "host instructors."

The first list of topics are course-based research projects currently paused in search of host courses (experimental and/or control). If you would be interested in collaborating on one of the topics below, please CONTACT ME:

  • "The Jigsaw Two-Step" - a group presentation with follow-up group assignment (integrating group work with innovative assessment practices 
  • "Peer review assignments" and student confidence in giving feedback
  • Case-driven integrated course design (streamlining lesson plans and student writing assignments in lecture-based courses)
  • "Real world research methods" writing assignments for undergraduate research methods courses
  • "Citing with Purpose" - including a workshop-style discussion of the role of citation to improve student attentiveness to citation
  • Note: I will be looking for participant/partner classrooms in AY 2023-2024 to test innovative assessment methods for courses that integrate a variety of simulations, games, debates, carousels, and other active learning techniques

In addition to these specific projects, I am generally interested in the following issues in teaching and learning. Please CONTACT ME if you would be interested in discussing a potential collaboration in these or other topics:

  • Integration of self- and peer-evaluation frameworks into courses

  • Understanding signature pedagogies and curricula in "Canadian" International Relations

  • Threshold concepts in political science and International Relations

  • Unique experiences and pedagogical supports for "Early Career Instructors"

  • Attitudes towards assessment, evaluation, and active learning among university instructors

  • Active learning, including: active learning techniques and activities for in-class use, active learning online (especially connections between active learning principles and asynchronous online learning), and active learning classrooms

For more details on my published research in educational topics, CLICK HERE

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